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If you're looking for a high-quality pushchair at a price you'll love, our reconditioned pushchairs are reassuringly certified and renewed through our 25-point hygiene and safety process, making them a great value alternative to buying brand new.

With their own certification and a Mamas & Papas guarantee you can trust, you can be ready to set off on your next adventure.

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We recondition pre-loved pushchairs that are no longer needed and revive them with a new lease of life for another family’s enjoyment.


Using our 25 point rigorous reconditioning process, we make sure the renewed Mamas & Papas pushchairs are as safe and clean as they were on day one.


All reconditioned pushchairs have 30 day free returns and come with their own Manufacturing Guarantee.

Reconditioned pushchairs are graded into 3 categories to help you find the best pushchair for your lifestyle and budget.

as new

Grade 1 reconditioned pushchairs are
brand new with no cosmetic wear.

Free 2 year Manufacturing Guarantee.

    25% off original price

    Unused with no cosmetic wear. May be an ex display model or unused returned item.


    Grade 2 reconditioned pushchairs
    may have light cosmetic wear.

    Free 1 year Manufacturing Guarantee.

      35% off original price

      Possible light cosmetic wear, may include small markings on the chassis, minor wheel wear, and minor wear on fabrics.


      Grade 3 reconditioned pushchairs
      have moderate cosmetic wear.

      Free 6 month Manufacturing Guarantee.

        50% off original price

        Possible moderate cosmetic wear, may include markings on the chassis, some wheel wear, and some wear on fabrics.

        In a recent survey, 92% of customers who’ve bought a reconditioned pushchair from us would recommend it to other parents.

        • I was expecting some obvious scuffs and scrapes but unless I put it under the microscope you’d have never known

          The utmost care has been taken to make this buggy look and feel good as new. Even the smell of it when it comes out of the box it had the feel of that amazing crisp fresh new car smell that gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction (satisfaction until you give your baby their first food in it and then crumb chaos descends!)


          Rosie, Tim & Baby Skylar
          As new (Grade 1) reconditioned Armadillo Flip XT

        • It definitely alters my perception of a reconditioned product, and after my experience I would definitely recommend it to others

          Comparing it to other products that I would buy second hand- it’s another league. I know most people would clean an item before selling so that the pics look good on the website, but there are never really any guarantees as to what a personal seller has done, or that the product’s condition is as they say it is.


          Jo Griffin
          Loved (Grade 2) reconditioned Armadillo Flip XT

        • I was expecting it to look worse than it did

          We received a Well Loved Armadillo Flip XT to review and I was expecting it to look worse than it did. The wheels were in very good condition and the fabric parts of the buggy looks brand new.


          Elizabeth Parmenter
          Well-Loved (Grade 3) reconditioned Armadillo Flip XT

        The 25-point hygiene & safety service

        • 1 Pre-service inspection

          1. 1 Pushchair/carrycot condition evaluation
        • 2-7 Safety check

          1. 2 Check harness for damage, fraying, buckle locks and releases
          2. 3 Check brake locking mechanisms and releases work correctly
          3. 4 Check wheels lock into place and swivels operate correctly
          4. 5 Check frame folds, opens and locks correctly
          5. 6 Check seat folds and locks into place correctly and check seat cover
          6. 7 Check seat/carrycot locks into the frame correctly
        • 8-13 Safety service

          1. 8 Wheels servicing
          2. 9 Tyre check
          3. 10 Brakes and axel service
          4. 11 Full lubrication of all moving parts
          5. 12 Damaged items replaced
          6. 13 Buckle and harness check
        • 14-25 Hygiene service

          1. 14 Jet wash and drying of frame
          2. 15 Remove debris, wash and dry wheels and wheels back to black
          3. 16 Chassis and wheels polished
          4. 17 Fabrics removed
          5. 18 Fabrics laundered
          6. 19 Spot stain removal
          7. 20 Steam cleaned to 140℃
          8. 21 Minor sewing repairs if needed
          9. 22 Fabrics refitted to pushchair/carrycot
          10. 23 Fabrics replaced if needed
          11. 24 Odour neutralised
        • 25 Post-service inspection

          1. 25 End of line inspection
        No missing parts!

        All reconditioned pushchairs are sold complete with chassis, seat fabric, hood, basket, raincover, instructions, and new packaging

        Manufacturing Guarantee of up to 2 years*

        *grade dependent

        Take a look behind the scenes at how we recondition our pushchairs.

        After our rigorous reconditioning process, we’re sure you won’t need them. But for your peace of mind, we offer free repairs on all manufacturing defects.

        Grade 1 reconditioned pushchairs come with 2 years free repairs

        Grade 2 reconditioned pushchairs come with 1 years free repairs

        Grade 3 reconditioned pushchairs come with 6 months free repairs

        Full details can be found by viewing our terms & conditions

        Loved For Life - Refresh, Reuse & Recycle

        Working alongside a community of incredible mums and dads, we’ve created services that ensure the quality of a pushchair for an entire lifetime.

        Have questions? Why not view our FAQs or view the full Terms & Conditions

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